Tympanometry Test

What is the tympanometry test?

  • The tympanometer test examines the middle ear and eardrum mobility by generating a 226 Hz tone with a tympanometer into the ear canal.
  • The tympanometer measures the flow of sound energy into the middle ear under conditions of changes in pressure.
  • It is a painless approach for detecting middle ear effusion. It is an objective assessment of middle-ear function.
  • Tympanometry data are recorded on a graph known as a tympanogram.

Why tympanometry test?

Tympanometry can help diagnose disorders that might cause hearing loss, especially among children. It specifically evaluates the function of your middle ear by measuring the movement of your eardrum. The most frequent disorders with your middle ear are usually easy to cure.

What are the benefits of tympanometry?

  • It gives quantitative information on the presence of fluid in the middle ear.
  • It assists the doctor in determining whether there is a middle ear infection, known as otitis media.
  • To check whether there is a tear in the tympanic membrane.
  • To figure out whether there is an issue with the Eustachian tube.