Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids

Digital hearing aids that can stream via Bluetooth.

Analog hearing aids are no longer as large and bulky. The most recent hearing aids are invisible, smart, wireless, and have excellent Bluetooth capabilities. They allow you to connect to compatible Apple® or AndroidTM devices, as well as other wireless accessories. Discover what’s new in Bluetooth hearing aids and why a Bluetooth digital hearing aid might be perfect for you.

How Bluetooth hearing aids work

  • Bluetooth hearing aids do exactly what the name suggests, they connect to Bluetooth wireless technology. Using the Bluetooth frequency, you can stream calls and audio from your smartphone to your Bluetooth hearing aids. You could also stream music from your iPad® or iPod® touch to your hearing aids.
  • Made for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (MFi) hearing aids are Bluetooth devices designed to work with iPhones and other Apple devices. They connect directly to iPhones and other iOS-powered devices like the iPad, iPod touch, and Apple Watch® via Bluetooth wireless communication.
  • There are also Bluetooth hearing aids for Android. The hearing aids connect to the Bluetooth frequency to pair up with Android devices, either directly or via a wireless streamer.
  • Streamers are smart and discreet accessories. They provide the communication link between the wireless technology in the hearing aids and the Bluetooth-enabled devices, which can be multiple devices at once, including your TV.
  • With Bluetooth-connected hearing aids you can stream sound from virtually any audio source for a customized and convenient listening experience.

Hearing Aids

We provide a wide range of technologically innovative, programmable, undetectable, and comfortable hearing aids from leading global brands to suit all price points and types of losses.

All hearing aids have the same components to transmit sound from the surrounding environment to your ear. However, there are numerous varieties of hearing aids that differ in size and placement in the ear. Some are barely unnoticeable since they may fit into your ear canal. Some just partially fit into your ear canal. In general, the price of a hearing aid rises with size and corresponds to its power, battery life, and size.