Understanding Hearing Loss

You may be experiencing signs of a hearing issue.

Just because you have heard one bird sing does not imply that you have heard them all. For the same reason a hearing problem isn’t merely about hearing; it can impact your overall quality of life. If you’re noticing symptoms of hearing loss, we advise scheduling an appointment.

what to look
out for

Hearing is one of our most important senses, but many individuals who are losing it refuse to accept the obvious facts. Hearing impairments are usually mild and develop over time. On average, it takes us more than 7 years to address hearing problems. At that point, we get used to "putting up with it."

Common warning signs of hearing problems

  • You may find it hard to understand people in noisy environments like a restaurant.
  • You find that you feel exhausted after a day of socializing.
  • Attending social events may result in frustration.
  • Asking others to repeat themselves or mishearing words. Difficulty hearing soft or distant speech; needing to watch someone’s lips closely to follow what is being said.
  • Increasing the volume on the TV and radio.
  • Unable to hear sounds around you like phones ringing, doorbells, and alarm signals?

Degree of Hearing Problems

Hearing difficulties can arise at any age, but they become more noticeable as we become older. Hearing issues may influence the understanding of communication due to changes in the ability to hear specific frequencies as well as the quality of speech, which can often sound muffled or unclear.

The degree of hearing problems can be classified as either:

  • 0-25


    No perceived
    hearing difficulties.

  • 26-40


    Difficulty hearing and/or understanding quiet discussions, especially in noise

  • 41-60


    Difficulty hearing and/or understanding conversational speech.

  • 61-80


    Difficulty hearing and/or understanding group conversations and loud speech.

  • 81-90

    Severe to profound

    Difficulty hearing and/or understanding speech without hearing aids.

  • 90+


    Difficulty hearing and/or understanding loud speech and sounds.

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