Know Everything About Hearing Loss

Many Indian experience hearing loss but don’t quite understand it. This section will give you some useful foundation information to build on.

Hearing loss

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Understanding hearing loss

Our ability to hear is truly amazing but as with most of our senses, we only begin to appreciate just how amazing it is when we notice that it isn’t quite as good as it once was.

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Types & treatment for hearing

There are a number of recognized hearing loss types so if you want to learn about a specific condition you’ll find more information by clicking on the links below.

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Helpful hearing information

Helpful hearing information moment to consider how good you are at listening and communicating in different situations, how would you rate your abilities?

Spot the signs of hearing loss

People suffering from hearing loss tend to find environments with background noise difficult, especially in restaurants and public places. They often find it difficult to hear high-pitched sounds. Due to this, hearing impaired people have problems hearing the sounds ‘s’, ‘f’ and ‘sh’. This makes conversations more tiring. Due to these factors, hearing loss is one of the causes of social withdrawal.

Facts about hearing loss

Hearing loss is usually diagnosed when a person is unable to hear 25 decibels in at least one ear during a hearing test. Deafness is usually classified as profound hearing loss. The minimum sound level that people with profound hearing loss can hear is about 95 dB.

Some people find that one ear hears better than the other. Loss of hearing in one ear is called unilateral hearing loss. Approximately 69% of hearing aid users in India have two devices.

hearing aid machine
hearing aid machine

Hearing loss figures

About 1 in 6 people are currently hearing impaired (about 1.1 billion people) At the age of 65, one 1 in 3 people has a hearing loss.

Hearing loss is the 3rd most common health condition among adults Almost 15% of children aged 6-19 have some degree of hearing impairment in the India On average, people with hearing loss wait 8 years before getting treatment