Brainstem Evoked
Response Audiometry (BERA)

What is Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry Test?

  • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry test (BERA) is a helpful test in determining the child’s ability to hear.
  • It is conducted to examine auditory and brain functions in response to the sound stimulus.
  • This test measures the auditory nerves response to the sound. It is also called the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR).
  • It is most commonly done for newborns and children’s up to the age of seven.

Why Brainstem Evoked Response
Audiometry Test?

It is performed when a baby fails a newborn hearing test at a hospital, as well as for older children whose hearing loss is suspected. It is performed to determine the children’s hearing level and the magnitude of hearing loss.

What are the benefits of BERA and ABR?

  • It provides the audiologists with information about your possible hearing loss.
  • It can be done without the patient’s active coordination.
  • It helps in otoneurologic diagnosis for patients with unilateral or asymmetric hearing impairments.
  • It helps to know if there is damage to retro Cochlear/Cochlear.