Understand the Hearing Problems

Just because you have heard one bird sing, doesn’t mean you have heard them all. For the same reason, a hearing problem is never just a hearing problem, it may be a loss in the quality of life. If you have signs of hearing problems, we recommend booking an appointment.

What to look out for

Hearing is one of our most important senses, yet many people who are facing its decline deny the inevitable truth. The signs of hearing problems  are usually vague and develop gradually. On average it takes us over 7 years  to actually get around to doing something about hearing problems.  In that time, we tend to become used to “putting up with it”.  

Common warning signs of hearing problems

Degree of hearing problems

Hearing problems  can occur at any time, however it is more prominent with increasing age. Hearing Problems  may affect the understanding of speech due to changes in the ability to hear certain frequencies as well as the clarity of speech, as this may often sound muffled or unclear. 

The degree of hearing problems can be classified as either:

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