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How can hearing aids help with tinnitus relief?

Many people with tinnitus also have some hearing loss. Hearing aids for tinnitus masking allow people with hearing loss to hear sounds they might be missing, which can effectively cover – and remove the focus from – the tinnitus ringing. When you are able to hear everything going on around you, it can often provide relief from the internal sound of tinnitus.

Sound therapy using hearing aids

The best hearing aids for tinnitus can be programmed to contrast the internal sound of tinnitus. Augmenting external noise makes it more difficult to perceive the internal sounds, helping the brain focus on outside sounds. The impact of hearing aids for tinnitus masking is particularly strong for people who have hearing loss in the same frequency range as their tinnitus.

Hearing aids for tinnitus

Since tinnitus and hearing loss are sometimes linked, wearing a modern hearing aid for tinnitus can be an effective tinnitus treatment. In addition to amplifying external sound, the best hearing aids for tinnitus masking have built in tinnitus therapy, providing sound therapy that can be adjusted to compensate for your hearing loss.

Sound therapy means external noises are brought in to help mask the troubling sounds of tinnitus. This could be white noise, specialized ear masking noises, low-level music or even your own customized sound. Think of a candle in a dark room. Since there’s such a contrast between the candle and its dark environment, the candle really stands out.

But the same candle in a well-lit, busy room blends into the background. The same is true for tinnitus. The introduction of other sounds masks the tinnitus so that it blends in with the background and is less prominent

Auditory stimulation

Auditory stimulation can provide tinnitus relief for a short period of time. A great variety of sounds can be used, including music with different types of filtering, amplitude modulated sounds with different frequencies, or various noise stimulations.

If you don’t have special hearing aids for tinnitus masking, the ReSound Relief app offers a combination of sound therapy, relaxing exercises, meditation, and guidance, which can be streamed directly to your hearing aids. It can be used by all people suffering from tinnitus.

If you don’t have hearing aids with Bluetooth technology, you can connect your smartphone or tablet to a headset and be on your way to a more comfortable life with tinnitus.

Improved communication

Loud tinnitus can make it difficult for people to participate in a conversation. The best hearing aids for tinnitus help by augmenting external sound above the perceived volume of tinnitus.

. Improving communication with one’s surroundings may help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety often associated with auditory fatigue, having to listen intently throughout the day.

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