Signs of hearing loss

The human ear is one of our most advanced and perceptive sensory organs. Just as other parts of our bodies show the effects of wear and tear as we age, so do our hearing systems. Fortunately there is help available when signs of hearing loss start to appear.

Signs of hearing loss

The signs of hearing loss can be vague and develop slowly, or they can be obvious and begin suddenly. Either way, it becomes harder to hear certain sounds or syllables. You can hear people are talking but can’t make out what they are saying, and frequently ask people to repeat themselves. It’s also difficult to hear in noisy situations like conferences, restaurants or crowded meeting rooms. This can result in frustration, withdrawal from social activities, isolation and loneliness. So if you recognize any of these signs, we highly recommend that you get a hearing test. We are ready to help you.

Do I need a hearing test?

The best way to determine any loss is to be professionally tested. You can see whether you would benefit from a test here.

Hearing loss concerns

To accept you have hearing loss can be difficult, but leaving it untreated can affect your quality of life. Socializing becomes exhausting when you are not able to fully understand and communicate with others. Because conversations take so much more mental energy, hearing loss can also lead to irritability, negativism, anger, and stress. It can reduce your performance at your work or educational institution, and because it reduces your awareness, it increases risks to your personal safety. 
Family members are often aware of a person’s hearing loss before you may event notice it. If you or someone close to you are familiar with some of these hearing loss-related worries, we highly recommend you seek help. With proper hearing care, you will become less frustrated, less tired, and have more energy to take part in the life happening around them.

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