Hearing Diagnostics

An on-time hearing test and right diagnosis is crucial for your and your family’s holistic hearing health. We at Global Hearing Aid Center are committed to offering a versatile range of ear hearing tests ranging from non-invasive audiometry tests, cutting-edge BERA tests, otoacoustic emission tests, tympanotomy and more. Identifying the potential risks of hearing loss due to ear abnormalities, detecting an array of hearing deformities and recommending customised treatment and rehabilitative roadmaps are our strong fortes.

Types of Hearing Test

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Audiometry Test

A non-invasive hearing test to detect sensorineural hearing loss, measure the intensity and tone of sound and other issues related to the functioning of the middle ear.

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Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) ear hearing tests help determine a child’s auditory and brain functions in response to the sound stimulus.

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Otoacoustic Emission Test

This hearing test is recommended for newborns for detecting deafness.


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Tympanometry Test

This ear hearing test is leveraged to determine middle ear functionalities and the mobility of the eardrum.

  • Identify the risk of sensorineural hearing loss
  • Identify the extent and type of hearing loss
  • Helps in the diagnosis of asymmetric or unlateral hearing impairment
  • Helps in the selection of the appropriate hearing aid
  • Helps in carving the right rehabilitation and treatment measures

Online Hearing Test

Hearing tests are crucial in paving the way for your holistic well-being. We at Global Hearing Aid Centre strive to offer a versatile range of hearing impairment assessments, offline from our state-of-the-art centres and online, for your ease and convenience.

Schedule easy, quick and hassle-free virtual hearing assessments and consultations with just a few clicks from the comfort of your home with the Global Hearing Aid Center. So, it's time to book an appointment with experts now.