Bluetooth Hearing Aids

What is Bluetooth Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids have evolved, now allowing you to stay connected to your IOS, Android phones, tablets, and televisions. Bluetooth hearing aid is a technology that connects two or more electronic devices using wireless communication within a limited range. It is completely safe for the wearer as it uses high-frequency radio waves to process sound and share information. Small hearing devices don’t have much space to contain larger battery sizes, Bluetooth Low Energy is designed to lower the power consumption while promoting better hearing experience through faster processing. BLE was introduced in the year 2004 and now has become an exceptional part of hearing aids. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Whether you want to direct stream to your iPhone or use a streamer to access your music player or TV, a rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aid has a lot of benefits for you. With Bluetooth-connected hearing machines, you can stream audio from any source and let your life remain unimpacted. Here are some benefits of opting for Bluetooth enabled hearing machines:-

1. You can use the streamer to stream sound to one or both of your hearing aids and amplify the streamed sound to match your aid’s sound settings. 

2. A streamer can be connected to multiple devices, be it your music player, TV, or android phone, at the same time.

3. Your Bluetooth hearing aids become the set of earplugs or headphones, allowing you to enjoy the music on the go.

4. These devices are safe and secure to use. 


How Does Bluetooth Hearing Machine Work?

A Bluetooth hearing machine is crafted to make communication between different electronic devices easier, including your Android phone or iPhone. For instance, if you have a Bluetooth hearing aid with a 2.4GHz connection, you can use it to connect with your iPad or iPhone (Apple has introduced Made for iPhone) to stream sound from the device. But to stream sound from your televisions or Android phones you can even use a compatible assistive listening device (streamers) for communication between these two devices. You can connect wireless hearing aids with a streamer that is paired with external devices. When installed, the streamer picks up the sound signal from your Android phone or TV and then transmits it to the hearing aid through an electromagnetic field. This streamer is worn around the neck or simply be kept in your pocket for hands-free. 

hearing aid machine

Guide to Choose Best Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Choosing the best Bluetooth hearing aids is a huge investment with so many options available out there. You can consult a hearing care professional to help you pick the right wireless hearing aids. Here are some pointers you can check while buying the best-in-class Bluetooth hearing aid for yourself or your loved ones:-

1. Look for the sound capabilities of the device. Ensure that audio and speech are clear with noise cancellation features. 

2. Ensure that the device can streamline options from virtually any audio source for a customised listening experience on the go. 

3. Choose a hearing device that comes with long-lasting power backup and is easy to charge.

4. Offers better connectivity to wireless apps and accessories. 

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Buy Bluetooth Hearing Aids at Global Hearing

A wireless hearing aid has been proven to enhance the quality of life of the wearer. With customised accessories and apps, they help you stay connected to your friends and families and also allow you to pair with your latest devices. So to enhance your experience, it is important to consult the best healthcare providers for an expert opinion. At Global Hearing Aid Center, we aim to provide customised and personalised services to our customers with hearing impairment. We deal with the world’s most advanced technology that suits our modern generation, so you can have the best of both worlds. You can connect with the experts and book your appointment to get the best Bluetooth hearing option for yourself.

FAQ Related to Bluetooth Hearing Aid

The main benefit of Bluetooth hearing aids over regular aids is that they allow you to connect your smart devices with Bluetooth hearing aids. Now you can enjoy and experience better sound quality, streamed directly from your electronic device to your hearing aid.

Yes, Bluetooth hearing aids are completely safe and secure to use. Bluetooth technology emits non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, the exposure of which is not perilous for your health.

If your Bluetooth hearing aid can’t be directly streamed with your smartphone or tablet or music player, or tv, you can use a compatible assistive listening device called a streamer. The streamer sets a communication link between the Bluetooth hearing aid and your Bluetooth-enabled electronic device. You can connect with your healthcare provider about how to connect streamers to your hearing aid.